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خبر های شهرستان فامنین


Famenin Hamedan city and disadvantaged young

Famenin city of Hamedan province is affiliated cities from north to south city of Razan and Shra’ section (Qhavnd) from East to Central Province and west to the city Kbvdrahng is limited. Famenin city with an area of 1300 square kilometers, equivalent to about 6 / 6 percent is the total area of Hamedan.

The city has a central portion and two and three villages Pyshkhvr Khoramdasht names, is a martyr Mofatteh and Pyshkhvr.

 The Census Population and Housing 1375 population residing in these city 42,304 people who had this number of 21,419 males and 20,885 females in the central part of 19,103 males and 18,640 females, Section Pyshkhvr 2316 males and 2245 females are distributed.City population of 10,145 households in the form of the next 16 / 4 subjects.. Relative density of the city's population 5 / 32 people per square kilometer is.

Plain Azdsht famenin one of Hamedan province has nine agricultural production Mhvslat a major role in the city and the province's economy is.

Famenin as the entrance gate to the North East of Hamedan province a special place compared with other cities that develop programs and projects, the running and operation has been very clear on the horizon ahead. It is hoped that, thanks to the Hamedan Province introduced as a pilot Tourism broader efforts to attract tourists and introduce the historical monuments and works done with good designs and crafts Cultural Heritage and Tourism witnessed the presence of young tourists in this city be.

The average altitude city 5 / 1834 meters from sea level in the review and Yzhgy Poe graph of your city is diagnosed famenin two parts. (Land Division and part of Pyshkhvr East and North Mountain Village martyr Mofatteh Postal tall with relatively high so that a large dip in the North East the highest point of this section with 2100 m in the rural areas of northern lands camp (Khyank) and gradually reaches toward the city center and along the river reaches Mtrmy Nagorno Tea 1569 (Omar Abad village) and the city as the city center famenin 1616 meters above appellation should famenin city said a likelihood that famenin Perhaps people have been living together and the relative ratio reached a common ancestor, first name "Famlyn" means that the relatives and family Over time, and renamed

Now if the current attribute.

On the other hand famenin a name that other residents Afradmsn and its surrounding villages in their Mhavrat much to live "Pampvlv" why use the exact names there Ndardama likely its name is taken from the cotton.

The quote of the elderly and elderly area famenin years ago in one of the main products of cotton agriculture and most farmers will attempt to kill the hidden. Therefore likely that the name "Pampvlv" is taken from the cotton in this way that the first name "Lu cotton" or tribal groups that their job was cotton cultivation and the extension work, "Le" is usually assigned to different individuals or tribes a common ancestor or common cause is expressed or Pampvlv "Pamvkh papyrus" means land or land where the cotton is Pamvkh Turkish culture has been there in terms of historical monuments such as bridge courses related to world Abad Safavids - Welcome Abad village mosque belonging to the Safavid period and Golshan tower remains of the village and cave Qajar interesting and spectacular vertical walls of the fortress Jvq mountain 20 yards Saljooghis carved dome and twin domes of historical Aznav Sir tower located in the village Aznav and public baths in the city that efforts famenin Cultural Heritage and Tourism and Handicrafts Museum in rebuilding and becoming Anthropology Museum can be noted is that the planner can and The management of the city's tourist region of the province will become.


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